Dr. Carrie Jose, MSPT, DPT, cert. MDT

Carrie is the proud owner and founder of CJ Physical Therapy and Pilates, and has been helping people stay active, healthy and mobile since 2002. She holds two degrees in physical therapy (Northeaster University and Simmons College respectively), a certification in Pilates, certification in Dry Needling, and has a specialty certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT/McKenzie Method). Carrie’s foundation and passion for movement began at the age of four when she took her first dance class. She’s been dancing her entire life and is professionally trained in classical styles of jazz, ballet, modern and tap. As a dancer, Pilates instructor, and physical therapist, Carrie has developed a deep and intimate knowledge of how the human body moves and is connected. She brings this experience and intuition with her to every session, and loves seeing the transformation that takes place not only in people’s bodies, but in their confidence to move and feel better as well!

When Carrie isn’t working with clients or running her business, she loves to spend time with her pup, Bodie, and her husband, Brandon. Some of the activities she loves most are running, Pilates, hiking, and checking out all the local wine bars and restaurants in Portsmouth.