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Want to know if Pilates is right for YOU?

Our team of Physical Therapists and Pilates instructors work together to ensure you get the BEST and most expert instruction.

With a regular practice of Pilates, you’ll experience:
Less Back Pain – Better Posture – More Flexibility – Better Coordination – Leaner Body – Less Stress – Deeper Breath – Stronger Core – More Energy!

All our services our now offered In-studio AND Virtually!

We offer small group classes, private and semi-private instruction, and specialty programs like our Pilates 101: Get [Your] Back to Health.

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Do you get lost or feel intimidated in classes of 20+ people?  

Recovering from an injury, and nervous about returning to exercise?  

Looking for a class that strengthens you from the inside out, is easy on your joints, and taught by movement experts?


  • You’re aged 40+ and want a class that strengthens your core WITHOUT stressing your joints.
  • You’re worried about back pain or recovering from an injury – and want to work with experts who understand this.
  • You enjoy having fun and receiving compliments – we like to laugh, crack jokes, and your friends will be telling you how much better your posture looks!
  • You like being taken care of – we provide everything you need for class including mats and icy cold water.
  • You value individualized attention over large, overcrowded classes – we never work with more than 6 people.
  • You’re not just looking for a class – but a community of people who are happy to see you and miss you when you’re gone.


Offering Virtual and In-studio

MONDAY12:15 pm Virtual
5:30 pm In-Studio
TUESDAY10:00 am In-Studio
1215 pm Virtual
WEDNESDAY10:00 am In-Studio
5:30 pm In-Studio
THURSDAY10:00 am In-Studio
4:30 pm Virtual
FRIDAY7:00am am In-Studio
12:15pm Virtual

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Not sure if Pilates is right for you?


Private and semi-private Pilates Sessions are performed on specialized Pilates equipment (the Reformer, Tower, Chair or other apparatus) with one of our certified Pilates experts.

These sessions are perfect for someone who wants to get even more out of our small group classes – or any other workout for that matter. Private sessions are ideal for someone who is brand new to Pilates or recovering from an injury. And they are also perfect for the super busy person who prefers making their own schedule.


  • You’re brand new to Pilates and want to learn the basics before trying one of our group classes
  • You’ve got back pain, or are recovering from another injury, and want one-on-one attention to get your core strength back properly and safely.
  • You’re aged 40+ and looking for an individualized workout experience that is easy on your joints, and improves your strength and mobility from the inside-out.
  • You’re looking for a different kind of workout experience, or want to enhance your current strength routine – do you KNOW all the different things that can be done on a Pilates machine?

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Do you have nagging back pain that often gets in the way of exercising?

Are you afraid to push yourself or try new things because your back often hurts or you just don’t feel strong enough?

Are you in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and ready for an exercise program that will make you feel strong but won’t stress your joints or put you at risk for injury?

Pilates 101: Get [Your] Back to Health is our signature program designed to strengthen your core from the inside out – the right way – so that you can feel confident beginning a practice of Pilates, or simply feel stronger when you’re at the gym or in Yoga class.

People think that having a strong core is all you need to prevent back pain or injury – but that’s not enough – you need to know how to use your core properly, coordinate it with your breath, have good coordination, and be naturally aware of your body movement.

Our program teaches you all of this and lays the foundation for you – in just eight weeks!

This program is co-taught by a specialist physical therapist and Pilates expert – and it’s designed to give you in-depth knowledge of how to properly strengthen your core, safely and effectively, so that you can prevent things like back pain, and feel stronger and more confident in other types of exercise that you love to do.

Participants of this program often graduate into our regular small group Pilates classes, and continue to use Pilates as a compliment to their regular strength training or cardio routine.

Graduates of our program worry less about back pain and injury, spend less time at the doctor’s office, and focus more on activities they love to do.

We offer this program three times per year – BY APPLICATION ONLY.

To learn more and see when it’s offered next, click on the button below.

Getting on our waiting list is highly recommended because this program fills to capacity (only 10 spots) every time – within just a few weeks of enrollment opening.

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